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Socioal Sciences Research Centre | 2018 AGM

Tuesday, December 11th, 2018 at 3pm in Room 333, Áras Moyola

This year’s SSRC AGM will take place on Tuesday 11th December 2018 at 3pm in Room 333, 2nd Floor, Áras Moyola and all past, present and prospective members are very welcome to attend and have their say!


SSRC Energy Symposium, Friday 30th November 2018 at 2pm in Room 333, 2nd Floor, Áras Moyola

On 30th November the Social Sciences Research Centre (SSRC) is hosting an energy symposium led by Dr Amanda Slevin of Queen's University Belfast titled the ‘The socio-ecological, political and economic implications of a neo-liberal approach to hydro-carbon extraction in an Irish context’. This symposium will take place on Friday 30th November 2018 at 2pm in Room 333, 2nd Floor, Áras Moyola and all are very welcome to attend.

SSRC Energy Symposium

Placemaking Symposium and Workshops | Connecting with the Future through Placemaking

Part of the 'Architecture at the Edge Festival' | O’ Donoghue Centre, NUI Galway, Friday, October 26th, 2018 10am until 5pm

This year’s Placemaking Symposium and Workshops will focus on the regeneration of Nun’s Island, led by NUI Galway with support from the urban design team at BDP, and the recent announcement of Galway City Council’s own Public Realm strategy. These two important initiatives will have a profound influence on the shaping and the future of Galway. Join us for presentations and discussion in the morning followed by an afternoon of workshops on Nun’s Island, Galway’s Public Realm Strategy, and Placemaking in Towns and Villages (led by Simon Wall, town architect of Westport).

All are welcome to attend and participate! It is free but please register on the Architecture at the Edge Website

Architecture at the Edge

SSRC Visiting Fellow Lecture, Friday 19th October 2018 at 1pm in Room 333, 2nd Floor, Áras Moyola

On 19 October The Social Sciences Research Centre (SSRC) is hosting a talk by Bruno Esperante Paramos titled the ‘Agrarian Fascism Innovation Paradigm in Spain between 1939 -1955’. The talk will consider the main agrarian policies of Francoist Spain in war and peace, focusing especially on policies aimed at motorizing agriculture via the introduction of tractors. All are welcome.

About the Author: Bruno Esperante Paramos is a visiting research fellow at the Trinity Centre for Environmental Humanities. He is about to complete his PhD thesis on innovation and technological change in Galician agriculture (1890-2000) at the University of Santiago de Compostela (Galicia-Spain), where he has also been a member of HISTAGRA Research Group since 2015. His main research interests include: Rural History, Agrarian History, History of Technology, Innovation and Technological Change in agriculture.

SSRC Visiting Fellow Lecture

The AGM of the Social Sciences Research Centre (SSRC) 2016

The pre-AGM Secrectary's report is available to download by CLICKING HERE. The AGM was held on Thursday 8th November 2016 in Room 333, 2nd Floor of Áras Moyola.

The minutes of the meeting are available to download by CLICKING HERE.

2016 Conference - Galway: Today and Tomorrow

To mark the fiftieth (50th) anniversary of the founding of the Social Sciences Research Centre (SSRC) a conference will take place on 20th October in the ILAS Centre at NUI Galway. The theme of the conference will be; 'Galway: Today and Tommorrow'. It is anticipated that this conference will provide an excellent opportunity for the University, through the work of the SSRC, to reach out to the general public in Galway City and the surrounding rural regions. The conference will provide a crucial forum for a broad range of public actors and representatives, relevant key decision-makers, NGOs, community organisations and activists, and civic society groups to share ideas relating to the future direction of Galway. For more on this event check out the Conference Webpage

Shop Street, Galway, Ireland

The Mobilities and Liveability in Galway Research Project

This innovative research project seeks to capture people’s opinions and understanding of transport, mobility and liveability in Galway City, Ireland. Data collection is being carried out by researchers and undergraduate students from the School of Political Science & Sociology at the National University of Ireland Galway over the summer months. Results and findings from this project will be disseminated to academics, policy designers, interested individuals and groups, and to the wider public.