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No. 39 - The Nature and Extent of Trafficking of Women into Ireland for the Purposes of Sexual Exploitation, 2000-2006 : A Report from Findings (2007), Eilís Ward and Gillian Wylie. [available to download here]
No. 36 - A Collaborative Development Zone for Israel and Palestine (2006), William Hartnett
No. 35 - Democratic Anchorage of Governance Networks (2006), Jacob Torfing
No. 34 - A Socio Economic Profile of Irish Disadvantaged Areas (1998), D.Ó Cearbhaill
No. 33 - Undertaking Regional and Local Planning: Conceptual and Practical Considerations with Reference to the West of Ireland (1998), M.J. Keane, M.S. Ó Cinnéide and C. Curtin
No. 32 - An Ghaeilge san Earnáil Phoiblí I gCeantar na Gaillimhe (1996), M. Ó Cinnéide and Sorcha Ní Chonghaile
No. 31 - The Increasing Need for a Modern Management Infrastructure to the Courts (1995), Mrs Justice Susan Denham
No. 30 - European Integration and Regional Policy (1994), S. Fountas and B. Kennelly (eds)
No. 29 - Rural Tourism and Sustainable Rural Development – Proceedings of the 2nd International School on Rural Development, 28 June – 9 July 1993, UCG. B. Bramwell and B. Lane (eds)
No. 28 - Philosophy of Economics (1993), T. Boylan and P. O’Gorman
No. 27 - Aquaculture Legislation in Ireland (1993), B. Keary
No. 26 - Towards a National Cholesterol Education Programme (1992), C. Kelleher and I. Graham (eds)
No. 25 - The Future for Health Promotion (1992), Cecily Kelleher (ed)
No. 24 - Irish Funerary Tradition (1990), no. 5, N. Witoszek and P. Sheeran
No. 23 - Perspectives on Rural Development in Advanced Economies (1992), M. Ó Cinnéide and M. Cuddy
No. 22 - Planning and Development of Marginal Areas (1992), M. Ó Cinnéide and S. Grimes
No. 21 - Rural Crisis: Perspectives on Irish Rural Development (1991), T. Varley, T. Boylan and M.Owens (eds)
No. 20 - Revitalising the Rural Economy: How Can it be Done? (1990), M. Cuddy, M. Ó Cinnéide and M. Owens (eds)
No. 19 - Rural Development and Rural Tourism (1990), M. Keane and J. Quinn
No. 18 - Local Socio Economic Impacts Associated with the Galway Gaeltacht (1988), M. Ó Cinnéide and M. Keane
No. 17 - Rural Development and Combating Poverty (1988), T. Varley
No. 16 - Community Self-help Economic Initiatives and Development Agency Responses in the Midwest Region of Ireland (1987), M. Ó Cinnéide and M. Keane
No. 15 - The Future of Regional Policy in the European Communities, its Implication for Ireland (1987), M. Cuddy and T. Boylan (eds)
No. 14 - Spatial Aspects of Post-primary School Choice in Galway City and Environs (1984), S. Grimes
No. 13 - Report on Agriculture in the West of Ireland (1983), M. Ó Cinnéide and M. Cawley
No. 12 - Community Development in the Killala Area (1983), D. Ó Cearbhaill and M.S. Ó Cinnéide
No. 11 - Co-operation and Community Development: A Collection of Essays (1982), J. Sewell and D. Ó Cearbhaill
No. 10 - Resource Survey of the Killala Area (1980), M. Ó Cinnéide and M. Keane
No. 9 - Geographical Aspects of Tourism in the Republic of Ireland (1979), H.J. Plettner
No. 8 - Organisational Structure and Research Participation in Decision-making in Selected Schools in Ireland (1967), J.A. Conway
No. 7 - An Introduction to the Theory and Methods of Production and Investment Appraisal in Agriculture (1972), P. O'Draoda
No. 6 - Urban Migration in the Republic of Ireland (1970), J. Veriere
No. 5 - An Agricultural Atlas of Co. Galway (Text) (1967), B.S. McAodha
No. 4 - An Agricultural Atlas of Co. Galway (Maps) (1967), B.S. McAodha
No. 3 - Conacre in Ireland (1967), M.S. McAodha
No. 2 - Industrial Relations at Galway Docks (1967), E. Ó hÉideain
No. 1 - An Outline Plan for Galway City (1966), B.S. McAodha