The Bachelor of Science (Applied Social Sciences)

A webpage for current second year students of the programme | 2018 - 2022

Second Year Student Handbooks

The 2019 - 2020 second year student handbook will be continuously updated throughout the year. It can be downloaded using the link below

. Second Year Student Handbook | 2019 - 2020

Soc and Pol for Semester Two

In addition to the lecture modules SP220 and SP212 in semester two, students are also required to complete an SP220 Research Proposal and an SP212 essay on a specific theme. A choice of essay titles will be provided shortly. Please note that the submission dates are Monday 9th March 2020 by 5pm and Monday 23rd March 2020 by 5pm. Students have a choice of which to submit first on the 9th March.

The scheduled workshop for the SP220 Research Proposal will take place on Wednesday 19th February in the Software Engineerng PC Suite at 9am until 11am.

Second Year Soc & Pol Handbook | 2019 - 2020

Semester Two Essay Titles and Guide

Research Proposal Guide

Introduction to SPSS

Voter Intention Questionnaire

Develop an SPSS file based on the Voting Intenions Questionnaire provided above. Save this file as a pdf document, making sure that both the SPSS and pdf files are titled with your full name, and upload this pdf document to Blackboard as part one of your take-home exercise.

Voter Intention Data

Using the data above provide the following outputs:

  • Produce a piechart of gender showing both the actual and precentage figures
  • Change the gender colour on the piechart to pink for female and blue for male
  • Recode the respodent's age into three groups; 18 to 23 years old, 24 to 28 years old, 29 years and older
  • Produce a piechart of this new grouped age variable showing both the actual and precentage figures
  • Produce a piechart with actual and percentage figures for all the other questions except actual age
  • Transfer all these graphs to a Word document and save as a pdf under your own name
  • Upload this pdf document to Blackboard as part two of your take-home exercise.
World Value Survey Data

Please note these Important Dates for Work Placement Preparation - Compulsory for ALL STUDENTS

  • Introduction to Placement - Monday, 3 February, 3-4pm in the Careers Seminar Room
  • Interactive CV workshop - Wednesday, 19 February, 2-4pm in the General Access Suite, Room 228 Arts/Science Building
  • CV Check and Placement 1:1’s - 2-6 March various in the Career Development Centre
  • CV upload to Placement Application - Wednesday, 11 March, 2-3pm in the General Access Suite, Room 228 Arts/Science Building
  • Interview Skills - Monday, 16 March, 3-4pm in the Careers Seminar Room.

The NUIG Guide for Citing Harvard Style and Essay Help and Information

Harvard Style Citing & References

Harvard Style Referencing Handout

Essay Submission Form

Essay Appraisal Form