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A reflection and critique of the new digital era and what it means for society

Digital Citizenship

The impact the overuse of technology has on humans and the environment

This blog post would like to critically examine the driving factors that see an acceleration in the use of communicative technology. The general theme throughout will be how technology is taking away from human interaction and increasing other social issues. To carry out this research, the blog will explore the disruption in relationships in society …

Digital Citizenship

Developing Technologies has led to the Cyber Terrorist

New Method of Crime Crime is as old as time itself, in fact sociologist Émile Durkheim suggested that crime occurs in every society, ‘there is not one in which criminality does not exist’ (1895). However, in recent years it has found itself a new platform. A platform which allows crime a freedom it previously didn’t …

Digital Citizenship

The Augmented Reality Exergame – INGRESS

(Image – Imgur 2016) | Playing Ingress Ingress and the ‘Field’ It was 01:30 hours on a cold clear night. Eight Resistance agents waited anxiously in the church ruins on an island off the west coast of Ireland. Four months of careful planning was about to come to either a successful conclusion, or dismal failure. …

Digital Citizenship

The Rise of Google – A Brief Exploration of the Past, Present and Future of Google

Introduction Throughout my attendance of the Digital Citizenship module classes in NUIG and further studies on the various topics discussed in class, I noticed that technology and the Internet were key topics associated with the digital age. For me, and I am sure for many others also, I cannot think of the Internet without Google …